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Famous for its picturesque lagoons, powerful South Atlantic swells, epic downwinders, and the eight months of reliable winds per year, this South American paradise is a kitesurfing mecca for both beginners and pros.


Isolated in the Jericoacora National Park, this enchanting village is equipped with bars, restaurants, and kitesurfing camps. In short, anything you might want from a kitesurfing holiday minus the vibrant nightlife.

Just outside of Rio de Janeiro, Barra da Tijuca is a 20km (12.5mi) stretch of beach that regularly hosts national kitesurfing championships. This is a rather technical wave spot, with waves up to 2m (6.5ft).

Sport is deeply rooted in Brazilian culture, especially in coastal cities like Rio de Janeiro, where the sport is part of everyday life. Whether it is watching the games, cheering on their country or practicing the sport themselves, Brazilians find a way to enjoy sport. Football is worshiped in Brazil, with volleyball, motorsports, surfing, and kitesurfing following closely behind.

A quiet town just a few hours away from Fortaleza by car with perfect waves, beach breaks, and a large flatwater lagoon 3 kilometers downwind. Truly a complete menu with all the conditions to combine your passion for traveling and kitesurfing, as well as a chance to get to know some of the most beautiful wave spots in the region

The region is increasingly standing out among surfers and kitesurfers who are seeking to catch some perfect waves. Brava Beach has already hosted kitesurfing championships such as Kite Day in 2021 (for the fourth time), attracting athletes from all over Brazil. Additionally, Praia Brava, Itajaí charms visitors with its nature and lifestyle.

The Araruama Lagoon, with its length of 160 kilometers and breezy winds, attracts kitesurfers from various corners of Brazil and the world. The beaches formed by the Araruama Lagoon unite the calm and warm waters with the clear sands and coconut tree vegetation forming beautiful scenery. A small Praia da Pontinha beach (less than 1km long) is widely known as the meeting point for kitesurfing fans.

Even in the deep south of Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul may also be the land of good winds!Porto Alegre is the confluence of five rivers and serves as the gateway to several enormous lagoons. Porto Alegre, while also a great kitesurfing spot, will also offer all the perks of big city life.

Jericoacoara is one of the best places in the world for wind lovers. Whether windsurfing or kitesurfing, virtually the entire coast of Jeri offers idyllic conditions for much of the year. Jericoacoara offers constant winds, a 4-kilometer sandy beach, and safety for kiters of all levels, as there are no natural or artificial obstacles to avoid while flying the kite.

If there is a place in the northeast of Brazil where there are crowds of people who do not practice kitesurfing, windsurfing or any other water sport, it is certainly Jericoacoara. The town is popular not only as a kitesurfing paradise but also thanks to a multitude of other thrilling activities. Take for instance diverse gastronomic offerings as well as a great variety of fashionable stores. Buggy or quad excursions inside the dune park, excursions to lagoons such as Lagoa do Paraiso or Lagoa Azul, horseback riding, capoeira dance classes, wellness spas, live concerts, Brazilian music beach parties (samba, forro, reggae), surfing, and stand-up paddle are amongst many of the activities that make Jeri stand out as a destination.

During a holiday in Brazil, you will most likely get acquainted with caipirinhas, which is the national cocktail of Brazil. The mix between cachaca, sugar and lime is enjoyed both day and night. During the weekends a lot of Brazilian comes to the lagoons to drink caipirinhas and dance to the beats of Funk-do-brazil.

Freeride Kitesurf specialise in organising unique downwind adventures and tailor-made trips along the coasts of Brazil and South Africa. Booking a trip with them is a guarantee of adventure, discovering unspoilt and uncrowded spots with unbeatable conditions for kitesurfing. Every detail of the trip is taken care of by a professional team with huge local expertise.

Surfin Sem Fim - If you want to experience Brazil at its best, and enjoy a unique, world-class kitesurfing adventure along some of the most beautiful coast lines in the world, the Surfin Sem Fim team have got you covered. Sign up for an unforgettable immersion in wind, water, nature, beauty, adventure, and physical challenge in the best of Brazil!

A lovely town near the mouth of the Tucunduba River, surrounded by a huge dune park. For those looking for a more remote getaway, this is a kitesurfing heaven. There is plenty of room, wind, and kiting opportunities. And if you want to party, Jeri, with its laid-back ambiance and exciting nightlife, is only 45 minutes drive away and well worth a visit.

As you can see, Brazil is an excellent location for kitesurfing. From July to January, you can count on the wind, the weather is nice, and the seaside scenery is stunning. Because of the length of the coast, the kite scene is spread out over numerous kite places, and you can always find a spot for yourself or an empty lagoon exclusively for you and your buddies. There are countless flat water locations, and many wave spot as well.

Every day there are new kitesurfing destinations popping up around the world, but the truth is that Brazil remains one of the top three destinations on this growing list. When it comes to kite safaris, Brazil offers the best and widest variety thanks to its geographical location and trade winds which blow from June through to February. In the northeast of Brazil you can discover a mind-blowing 1200km of coastline kitesurfing downwind. The wind blows constantly side-on-shore along the entire coast which allows you to kitesurf from spot to spot while discovering completely unspoiled beaches, hidden spots in between sand dunes and perfect butter-flat water lagoons.

Jericoacoara is the last kitesurfing spot in the north of Ceara where the windier it gets. Jeri is one of the best kite spots in Brazil. 25 kilometres of beach for all conditions, lagoons and wave spots where wind blows hard from June through to February. Jeri is 4 hours driving from Fortaleza.

If you are staying more in the middle area of Florianpolis, then Lagoa da Conceicao is the other kitesurfing spot where unlike Daniela which is the open sea, Lagoa is a natural lagoon surrounded by beaches. It has a bit of Bali vibe when we were there, and the houses by the sea were absolutely gorgeous.

The kitesurfing school that we did our beginner classes at is Oficina do Kite at Daniela Beach, up north of Florianopolis. This kitesurfing location has beautiful blue waters and white sand which make it lovely to have some private kiteboarding lessons and experiences! Its not crowded like some of the other parts of Florianpolis beaches, so we felt at ease and unrushed.

Kitesurfing lessons should begin with safety checks on all equipment before venturing onto water, kite surfing is an extreme sport that requires proper equipment and a lot of safety measure, which were taught well at our kitesurfing lesson with Oficina do Kite. We will go further into what equipment are used by kitesurfers.

Private kiting kite surfing lessons will be the best option as you get the instructor guiding you personally and following you on the speed boat to correct your technical aspects. Private kitesurfing classes are available for beginners, intermediate and advanced riders here at Florianpolis with Oficina Do Kite with the experience instructor Gustavo, so you can learn at your own pace and get the attention and support.

Kitekahunas Team and all course participants live together 50m from the beach. In the morning after breakfast we simply walk down to the beach to start our advanced kitesurfing courses in Cumbuco or your KITEWISE - GUIDED & SAFE KITESURFING.

From the island of New Caledonia, Titouan Galea has always been into water sports and got introduced to kitesurfing through his dad, when he was 9 years old. He moved to France in 2016 to compete Kite Foiling, which he did until Wing Foiling came around, in 2020. A year later, he won the first ever World Championship Title and is now 100% dedicated to this new sport.

Santos is one of the top kitesurfing spots in Brazil. This spot has up to 4 predominant winds from East-North-East, East, East-South-East and South-East. 041b061a72

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